We want to help you turn your trash into small treasures!

It is becoming increasingly evident that the planet is facing a crisis and although sometimes it may seem hopeless, we here at Reclaimed Treasures TO are hoping to start a recycling revolution and change how society views “trash”. Throwing away an old shelf or door. Step back, take a minute and ask yourself, “can I turn this into something great?”

We also realize that maybe you don’t always have the time for a DIY project but want to see the item serve another purpose rather than take up room in a local landfill. In these cases we want to be able to facilitate finding new homes for items where they can get a second chance.

Check out my new blog and find ideas, local projects, and people who may be able to turn your trash into their treasure! Help me stop the mindset of considering something trash after it’s initial purpose is complete.


Contact us if you have useful materials you would like to donate rather then trash. Likewise, if your looking for items for a project check the website for posts on items available. Together, with some effort we can make a significant change and reduce the amount of materials going to our local landfills.