The beginning of something special

Dave Darvince and myself Aaron LeHeup

This evening, Dave Darvince who subcontracts as a window and door installer for Ridley Windows and Doors, was kind enough to deliver a bounty of items that were destined for the local landfill. Like myself, Dave dislikes having to toss these items in the bin, but he cannot store the countless items he comes across while installing windows and doors. This is a situation occurring throughout the city of Toronto and beyond. People just don’t have the options available to them to help reclaim these items for repurposing. Dave and I spoke about this before and he has been gathering items for me. He is an absolutely wonderful person who works hard and has incredible workmanship skills! Dave has his own company called Darvince Company, Featured in the middle image. I would like to thank Dave and His helper Henry for their efforts! Likewise, I would like to thank Ridley Windows and Doors for agreeing to participate in this new partnership and show their commitment to helping improve the environment.


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