Get your upcycling game on!

Today I visited my local waste facility to see if they too allowed average citizens to go by and pick up old paint others have dropped off. I have visited this site a few times to drop off construction waste, like the others, it is well organized and staffed by friendly people. These facilities do all they can to reduce waste. Once there I spoke with William who staffed the hazardous waste department where the community can go and drop off paints, oils, batteries and other hazardous materials. I was excited to see how busy it was and how passionate William was about reducing waste.


They had quite a good selection of paints to choose from! This will allow me to lower my cost of materials while using more reclaimed materials in my projects, brilliant!


I choose a few colours for my upcoming Christmas crafts I hope to work on over the holiday.


I urge you to get to know your local waste facility. Do your part and drop off hazardous waste where it belongs. Pick up some paint for fun projects. Meet some friendly people and help the environment. A simple google maps check will show you just how many facilities exist and which one is closest to your home. Happy holidays! ⛄️🎅🏼🤶🌲❄️

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