Each old object has a history!

Part of why I love to repair, repurpose and recycle old items, otherwise referred to as upcycling, is how much character they have. Each item has a history, and thus a story to tell. For example, these two doors below once separated the living room and dinning area of an old home in downtown Toronto for approximately 100 years.


Now they are the feature doors of a beautiful new winterized greenhouse in Whitby, Ontario.

48BCFD35-5455-4724-BCE7-425BF345070BThe full story documenting the build of the greenhouse can be read at http://reclaimedreasures.ca

If you enjoy DIY projects and crafts, like to follow or join the group and share ideas for repurposing old items. Together, we can help reduce items going to local landfills while creating unique creations!



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