Reclaim the space in your home!

Reclaimed Treasures can help you gain more space with custom shelving and bookcases, as well as, exterior sheds, greenhouses, or an extra space for somewhere to escape to for privacy. Likewise, Reclaimed Treasures specializes in refurbishing items while also offering renovation and handyman services.

Custom Hanging Shelf by Reclaimed Treasures
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 9e867fe5-ae27-4d2f-baad-4e8e3c922b5c.jpeg
Custom Bookcase designed and built by Reclaimed Treasures
Custom Bike Shed (made from reclaimed items clients had)
Custom Greenhouse designed and built by Reclaimed Treasures
Refurbished Door with new glass & weatherstripping
Reclaimed door refurbished by Reclaimed Treasures
Refurbished Deck by Reclaimed Treasures
Fence Repair & Refurbishment by Reclaimed Treasures

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